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Vol.14 まちと一杯のコーヒー
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ふと肩の力を抜きたいときや、気分転換が必要なとき。私たちの日常のさまざまなシーンに寄り添う「一杯のコーヒー」には、まちのどこかで出会えます。Vol.14は「まちと一杯のコーヒー」がテーマです。今号では、三島のまちでコーヒーに情熱を注いでいる、COFFEE&CO. 岡田 裕二さん、 fluff coffee plus宮山卓哉さん、 Iwase-coffee岩瀬恵一郎さん、10-1 Kettle眞野真由美さん 、 FERRET COFFEE川平和秀さん、WEDNESDAY COFFEE STAND山﨑光隆さん 、 rivière高塚賀行さんの7名からお話を伺いました。


Sometimes, all we need to reinvigorate our day is a simple change in scenery and a place to collect our thoughts, and what better place to do so than at a quiet café with your favorite blend. In Volume 14 of Harenohi Magazine, we spoke to Okada Yuji (COFFEE&CO), Miyayama Takuya (fluff coffee plus), Iwase Keiichiro (Iwase Coffee), Mano Mayumi (10-1 Kettle), Kawahira Kazuhide (FERRET COFFEE), Yamazaki Mitsutaka (WEDNESDAY COFFEE STAND), and Takatsuka Yoshiyuki (rivière) about their passion for coffee and how they get to see the city, in a cup.

Come explore these wonderful spaces and the meet the amazing people inside. Along the way you'll see a little more of the city, one perfectly brewed cup at a time.

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