Latest Issue | 2023.01.25

Vol.21 マイガーデン 楽寿園
  • Vol.21 マイガーデン 楽寿園,01
  • Vol.21 マイガーデン 楽寿園,02
  • Vol.21 マイガーデン 楽寿園,03


Take in a deep breath of fresh, forest air and listen to the calls of birds from above as you walk scenic trails lined with trees rooted firmly in the Mishima lava underfoot. Located just minutes from Mishima station, Rakujuen Park is filled with many happy memories and shares a special place in the hearts of generations of people.
For Volume 21, we visited Rakujuen at various times throughout the day, looking to see a new side of the park we all know and love. We explored the park’s six unique forest groves, went birding to see some of the park’s seasonal visitors, learned to identify trees by the color and texture of their bark, and reintroduced ourselves to our furry friends in the Animal Plaza. Be sure to pick up your copy of Harenohi Magazine before your next visit to Rakujuen and come rediscover the beauty and charm of this special place. And let us know what you find, we’d love to hear from you!

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