Latest Issue | 2022.10.25

Vol.20 三島ではばたけ 絵本の力
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  • Vol.20 三島ではばたけ 絵本の力,02
  • Vol.20 三島ではばたけ 絵本の力,03

絵本に 無限の可能性があることを知っている大人たちがいるまち、三島。幼い頃から、絵本が身近にある環境で育つまちの子どもたちは、地域の大人に見守られながら、豊かな心を育てています。それは三島の明るい未来につながる、一つのきっかけとなることでしょう。

There is magic to be found in a picturebook. Through unique characters, vivid colors, and imaginative shapes, picturebooks show us a world of infinite possibility, with countless ways to perceive the experiences we encounter. In this issue, we spoke to Chieko Yamauchi who has been promoting storytelling for over 20 years, as well as picture book author Kanayo Sugiyama, representative of Ehon-Ya San and picture book author, Michiko Egashira as well as the staff at Mishima Municipal Library. With their energy and tireless dedication, children in Mishima are surrounded by the wondrous joy of learning and discovery, guiding generations into an even brighter and inspired future.

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