Latest Issue | 2022.07.25

Vol.19 まちのうた 「ノーエ」
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Noheibushi is a traditional Mishima folk song and dance whose beginnings can be traced back to the mid-nineteenth century. Its current iteration was popularized by a charismatic Mishima native named Hirai Gentaro who solidified the associated dance and released the song on record in 1934. In Volume 19 of Harenohi Magazine, we talk to the members of the Mishima Noheibushi Promotion Association and well as the Mishima Tourist association to learn about the origins of the song, the dance, and the traditional clothing worn for the performance.
And for the first time since 2019, Noheibushi will be performed at the 2022 Mishima Omatsuri Summer Festival in a parade that will carry the performers from Mishima Taisha Shrine to Mishima Hirokouji Station. Come rediscover the energy of Mishima’s summer season and join in on the traditions and song of our city.

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