Latest Issue 2021.10.25

Vol.16 ぼくたちも三島がすき
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Luxuriously flavorful and decadent, grilled eel cuisine has been a part of life in Mishima for centuries. Walking through these city streets, its sweet and smoky aroma drifting in the air, it is no surprise that unagi is loved by young and old alike.

In Volume 16 of Harenohi Magazine, we explore the world of unagi, a world we discovered to be full of surprise. And it all begins with an unfathomable journey as tiny elvers start their life drifting in the waters of the Mariana Islands, some 2500 km away.

To better understand this famed and enigmatic sea creature, we spoke to the proprietors of three restaurants here in Mishima, each specializing in their original preparation of unagi, Sakuraya, Ganso Unayoshi and Suminobo. Looking inside their world, we saw a new level of dedication to the craft and just may have uncovered a few secrets to unagi perfection. We fell in love with unagi all over again. We hope you do too.

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