Latest Issue 2021.07.25

Vol.15 まちに泊まる
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今号では、三島のまちの魅力をそれぞれの工夫で伝えている、ホテルニューかのや・Hotel Gee Haive・ホテル昭明館・富士山三島東急ホテル、みしまプラザホテルの5つの宿からお話を伺いました。


Whether on business or on vacation, traveling to a new city is always an adventure, and our choice of lodgings one of the essential elements that adds color and texture to our experience. Hotels and inns are places where we encounter new people and often become the starting point for important memories for years to come.

In Volume 15 of Harenohi Magazine, we spoke to the proprietors of Hotel New Kanoya, Hotel Gee Hive, Hotel Showmeikan, Fujisan Mishima Tokyu Hotel and Mishima Plaza Hotel to hear their stories and on their behalf, invite you once again to discover a new side of the city.

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