Latest Issue | 2021.01.25

Vol.13 まちのなかまたち
  • カワセミ
  • カワウ
  • オオバン


By the waterside, we see their long yellow legs, their lacy feathers and striking eyes. In the trees, we hear their voices as they announce our arrival and the changing of the seasons. In Harenohi Volume 13, we visit our feathered and furry neighbors to learn more about their lives and the charming features that make each one unique.
We walked through wooded areas and wetlands around the city including Nakazato Onsuichi and Kiyosumi Green Area to watch our friends swooping and swimming against a backdrop of spring-fed streams and blue skies. We were amazed at not only the variety of wild animals that make Mishima their home but at their proximity to our daily lives. We hope that when you read Vol. 13, you'll look up, look down, look all around and rediscover that our little neighbors are closer than you might think.

Past Issues

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  • ハレノヒ Vol.3 それぞれの佇まい、三島の溶岩。
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  • ハレノヒ Vol.2 背筋を伸ばして、三嶋大社へ。
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  • ハレノヒ Vol.1 足を止めてミる、三島
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